Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some exciting news!

Well, I've been sitting on this information for a little while, but it looks like it's about time to put it out there.  I'm very pleased to announce that Baddy One Shoe pedals is about to enter into a unique distribution arrangement through Seldom Seen Vintage Guitars, a newly opening vintage/boutique guitar and amp emporium in Raleigh, NC.  

A few weeks ago, Jon and David (the owners and purveyors of awesome gear) dropped by  Baddy One Shoe HQ (otherwise known as my house) to rock out on my pedals for a while and talk some business.  Seldom Seen Vintage Guitars decided that the B1S line was a good match for the boutique nature of the store and the quality gear they'll be carrying, and so it is!

This news means that there is going to be a slight but necessary adjustment to my pricing structure, but it also means that Raleighwood locals will have a great way to demo these pedals with some of the classiest gear around!  

New prices will be available and in effect Monday Nov. 29th.

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