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The Heartbreaker Overdrive
$150 (Coming Soon - Order now)

First Run SOLD OUT
#001 - Sold / Ryan Griggs
#002 - Sold / Øyvind Hanssen
#003 - Sold / David Heddon

The Heartbreaker is an update on the now discontinued Honeycomb Overdrive.  The circuit has been tweaked and the facelift reflects the new personality of this pedal.  

This low-gain overdrive sounds equally great on guitar or bass.

Reserve yours now.  
Next production run will be in a few months.

The Wayfarer Overdrive
$105 (Order Only)

JunkPuncher Fuzz
$115 (Order Only)


Infinity Drive
$120 (Order Only)

From the Vault
All prototypes /one-offs.  Some from my personal collection.  All 100% functional, some with finish blems. Great pedals at ridiculous savings