Thursday, October 28, 2010

Behind the scenes...

Building pedals is a great stress reliever for me.  It's a hobby, that also happens to be a little bit of a garage (err...dining room table) industry.

I do this partly because I have been on a tone quest for several years now, and building rare / out-of-production pedals is a way to experiment with "my sound."  The other half of the story is that I really believe that these are great sounding pedals, and I think that other people will as well.  I know that my work is solid, and I strive to put out a product that meets or exceeds the expectations that other people might be bringing to the table.

So I thought a little behind the scenes peak might be in order to show some work in progress!

Here's the current line of Honeycomb OD pedals in production:

Here is a shot of the inside:

I've recently begun to board-mount the circuit to the potentiometers to provide a rock solid connection.  No circuit boards flopping around inside, touching things that they shouldn't!

Finally, the proving grounds!  

I test each and every pedal thoroughly before it makes it to it's new owner.  I want to make sure you're getting the best tone for your dollar, and that it's going to last longer than the Strat you smash and burn in a Hendrix inspired haze.

This is the current line of Baddy One Shoe pedals lined up for testing with my Fender Deluxe.  

This also happens to be my current live gig board (I did say I believe in my work! ) with a few other projects / prototypes hanging around.

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