Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rats and Pirates

It's been a while since I've updated, but I've been busy churning out Infinity Drives for the past few weeks.  Thanks to some helpful ears, I've also slightly refined the Infinity Drive and made it a bit more bass friendly.

That's not news though.  The news is that my new RAT based pedal is going to drop soon.  Ry at Fuzzrocious Pedals and I were investigating this circuit at the same time, trading notes and ideas, and so I've had plans in my back pocket for a while, but now that Ry is taking a break from producing his well received Rat Tail, I felt like it was finally time to bring my version of the Rat to completion.  Introducing, the Black Flag Distortion>>>

 The Black Flag brings all of the classic Rat tones, with the addition of the famous Reutz mod (sickness) and the flexibility of lots o' switches to flip.  

The real strength of this pedal is going to be in it's ability to provide you with lots of tonal options.  Three clipping diode options, an asymmetrical clipping option, a low end filter cut and a tight/deep switch to open up the bass frequencies even more.

This is just a little sneak preview of the artwork, but look for more in the next few weeks! 

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