Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fuzz heads rejoice!

I don't know what you were doing New Years Eve, but I was soldering resistors and capacitors so that I could ring in the new year with the sweet saturated sounds of fuzz upon fuzz.  

The JunkPuncher has evolved, and so I proudly give you... the "Punch & Grind."

The P&G is essentially two fuzzes in one.  The three knobs to the right are part of the "Grind" circuit which is a slight update on the JunkPuncher.  I tweaked the fuzz control (now "grind") a bit so that you have a wider usable range to dial in the character of the first fuzz.  The "grind" control now goes everywhere from sputtery gated goodness to the far left, to full on velcro on the right.  The tone and level controls retain the same functionality as the JP.  This fuzz is activated by the right footswitch.

The added surprise with the P&G is the "Punch" control (activated by the left footswitch) which is a stripped down, one knob fuzz that has a much brighter personality than the JP.  The "punch" knob dials in as much fuzz as you can handle with unity being somewhere around noon on the dial.

Here's the fun part.  You can use them separately, like two pedals in one, or you can cascade the "Punch" fuzz into the "Grind" for sweet saturated goodness.  Dial in the grind for meaty rhythm tones, and then kick in the punch for your face-melting solos.  Or get a nice edgy fuzz with the Punch control, and then layer in the grind to give it some body.  

(Although they can be integrated into a bypass/boost configuration by special order, the stock version will maintain the two fuzzes as non-integrated to allow for maximum flexibility).

Also, bass fuzz heads rejoice, for this fuzz is definitely designed with you in mind!


The Punch & Grind will be available in early February. 
Sale price will be $150 + shipping
Pre-order now for $50

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