Sunday, October 10, 2010

Helloooo Junk Puncher!

The Junk Puncher is back, and it's gotten a face-lift!  This is all of the full, raucous fuzz fun of the Junk Puncher in a shiny new box.


I'll be putting up some sound clips of this nasty box in the near future, but you can read a full review about it in the post below.  The Junk Puncher is equally at home with guitar or bass, and can nail all sorts of tones from gritty to full sonic annihilation.

I'm going to do a run of 5 of these alongside the Honeycomb OD to cover both ends of the dirt spectrum.  You can reserve yours for a $40 deposit.

#001 - (old school!) currently rocked by Tigerbass (from TalkBass)
#002 - (Hand-painted old school!) currently rocked by Michael Adams 
#101 - currently on my board
#102 - currently rocked by Greg Malcolm (Scotland)
#103 - SOLD (SSVG)
#104 - available
#105 - available

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