Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do you know what sweetness sounds like? It sounds like this!

The Honeycomb overdrive is a classic "low-gainer" overdrive, designed to give you the responsive drive of a tube amp that is just being pushed into distortion. In front of a solid state amp, the HCOD gives you the "warmth" and feel of a tube amp. In front of a tube amp it flat out kills...

Volume (pretty self-explanatory)
Nature (tone control)
Honey (gain)

But wait, what about the bass players?

Well lucky for the lowenders, this circuit is designed to hold on to all of your low end with the "nature" control all the way off. This pedal really dials in a nice warm drive, and can even get you in Motown territory. Have a listen!

I'll be focusing production exclusively on this pedal, the JunkPuncher and the Hot Cup-O-Fuzz for the foreseeable future, but only in small runs. I'm about to do a limited run of 5 of these, and I'll be taking deposits. ($40 down, and the rest before shipping) Delivery will be within 4-6 weeks of initial order, but probably way less.

001 - Rocked by Mr. Hill
002 - SOLD (SSVG)
003 - SOLD (SSVG)
004 - SOLD (SSVG)
005 - SOLD (SSVG)

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