Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here's a trio of home-brew pedals. The Fallout Fuzz and the FireCracker Fuzz are electronically identical. I was just having some fun with the graphics. It's as simple as it gets. A full on wall of fearsome fuzz with one knob to dial in the overall output level desired. Cleans up real nice with your volume knob and sounds equally fuzztastic on bass or guitar. ($50 shipped ConUS)

Soundclip on Bass (the Firecracker is the third part of the clip)

"I just acquired a Firecracker Fuzz pedal and am very impressed with the sound, build and overall quality of your work. Keep it up! "

-Sillyfabe on TalkBass

The 3 knob fuzz, affectionately dubbed "the Junk Puncher," is a souped up version of the others with a control for fuzz level and a tone knob. This one can go from a confident distortion to a full on fuzz wall, with control over the overall character of the fuzz. Also available with a mod that adds a switch for tone-bypass/treble boost ($75 shipped ConUS / $85 with tone-bypass)

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